Building a bridge between the USA and Europe …

Building a bridge between the USA, Europe and Middle Eastern countries, I work as a Producer Partner in an independent American Production Company “Four Stars International” based in California and New Zealand.

Using my contacts and experience associated with the entertainment business in the EU, US, the Middle East and elsewhere, I work with international producers, actors and directors providing them with the opportunity to connect and co-produce our international movie projects.

As a Producer of numerous upcoming American-European-Middle East movie co-productions I am responsible for finding the first class European/American cast, first class movie directors and the most prestigious production companies.

I also work as an European Assistant of a well-known Hollywood Actor Michael Nouri. I am responsible for his Film, TV series, Shows, Festivals and Theatre appearance in Europe.

Please donĀ“t hesitate to contact me any time you are looking for an American/European Co-Producer, Director, Screenwriter or an English and German speaking actor for your upcoming movie project or have any further questions.

Anna Karolina

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